BIG END BOLT - Hockey T-Shirt

BIG END BOLT - Hockey T-Shirt

BIG END BOLT - Hockey T-Shirt [pre-order]

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Front: Sports Design
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Rising Nemesis Records is very pleased to announce the signing of Russias aspiring, brutal, catchy, technicay and yet slamming quintet BIG END BOLT. This all star poject is about to release their 2nd full length record "Killstruments & Deathods" end of December via RNR. Songwriting, songstructures, recordings and the artwork of this record is way out of the box compared no nowadays releases and will zealous a lot of new listeners.

Line Up:

Toni Merkel – drums (Sabiendas, Pestlegion, Interstellar Genocide, Negator, Pighead, Frank Blackfire)
Denis Akulshin – guitar (Fetal Decay)
Anatoly Shishilov – bass (Katalepsy)
Alexander Strelnikov – guitar (Imperial Age, Tantal, Taipan, Mare Infinitum)

In two days we will upload the artwork and will keep you posted with infos on this release.


The very beginning of BEB goes to early 2001 when Igor started collecting all the materials which was not really applicable for the bands he played with that period. The only thing’s remaining from that period is two-tracks homemade demo which was recorded in 2003 but was never exposed (may be that will be done in the future). But the real history of BEB was driven in 2007 when Igor made the decision to create full-time band and together with new drummer Vladimir started rehearsals. Igor played guitar and made vocals, Vladimir crushed his drums but that was not enough and in 2008 three more members were found: Alexander - guitar, Andrey - guitar and Dmitry - bass. With the new line-up BEB started playing gigs and in the fall of 2008 recorded their first two songs demo "Moral Decay", immediately found the main feature of Bolts' music mixing funny grooves with dark powerful strength of death metal. 2009 was spent for writing material for a full-length album and at the beginning of 2010 BEB entered Black Light Studio and with great help of very talented sound engineer Aleksey Romanchenko recorded the great one which was called "Mechanical Race Creation" and later released in conspiracy with Russian Coyote Records and US Sevared Records (official release date is 12 September 2011).
"The album is too groovy to be death metal and too dark to be something else" and that's the way of BEB with no genre boundaries and absolute freedom in every chord. Lyrics wise the album is not really conceptual and there are absolutely different themes in the songs. Sometimes they are very funny with a lot of sick humor, sometimes they are scary and sound like short horror stories, sometimes they are dark and serious. But nevertheless a lot of them are about mechanisms, engines, artificial intellect etc, so, fully applicable to the band with a name Big End Bolt.
Releasing "Mechanical Race Creation" Igor already had a lot of fresh ideas for the new album and Bolts began working with new songs but until 2013 all the members one-by-one left BEB with reasons not concerning to the band or music itself. Finally Igor returned to the very beginning and continued preparing new material as one-man project with no planning when it will be released. And maybe that was not released at all but with the help of great friends and amazing highly experienced musicians it was happened and in 2014 fully renewed band started recording a new full-length album. The super line-up was following:
Toni Merkel – drums (Sabiendas, Pestlegion, Interstellar Genocide, Negator, Pighead, Frank Blackfire)
Denis Akulshin – guitar (Fetal Decay)
Anatoly Shishilov – bass (Katalepsy)
Alexander Strelnikov – guitar (Imperial Age, Tantal, Taipan, Mare Infinitum)

The album was called "Killstruments & Deathods" and tells about an alternative future when mankind made a decision to return to the old methods of capital punishment but with usage of robotic mechanisms. The pain impulse of a victim can be transformed to electric charge and give the light of the future to the rest of people. That’s scary conveyor which cannot be stopped and which will punish everyone who tries to break the system.
Following the lyrics' concept music became more dismal and technical but don’t worry that's still BEB with a lot of sick grooves and catchy vocals.
The album's going to be released at the very end of 2016 on the European heavyweight champion between labels - mighty Rising Nemesis Records.
Be sure, it will be something new but it will be Big End Bolt in its best! So, prepare to be knocked out after a punch of "Killstruments & Deathods"!
To be continued…


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