DEFACED - Forging The Sanctuary CD [Digipack]

DEFACED - Forging The Sanctuary CD [Digipack]

DEFACED - Forging The Sanctuary CD [Digipack]

Swiss death metal band DEFACED and Rising Nemesis Records join forces to release / distribute the new album “FORGING THE SANCTUARY”. This full length is the follow up to their 2012 release “ON THE FRONTLINE”.
Eleven songs full of catchy riffs, fast blasts and melodic solos awaits you. The album was recorded at Hardbeat Studio (CH), mixed and mastered at Hertz Studio (PL).
Brilliant sound and a 24 pages booklet featuring the artwork of mighty Dan Seagrave is the result. Highly recommended to fans of MALEVOLENT CREATION, BELPHEGOR and KATAKLYSM.
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Track list:
01. Because I despise
02. Antithesis
03. Rapture through bondage
04. Sower of discord
05. And with it rose Satan
06. I, the state, am the people
07. Forging the sanctuary
08. Venomous Eden
09. Humanity's lost hope
10. You get what you deserve

11. End of torment (Bonus)


Guitar - Romano Galli
Guitar - Marco Kessi
Drums - Markus Röthlisberger
Bass - Simon Egli
Vocals - Thomas Gertsch

Feel free to check “Venomous Eden” here:

Release Date: 03.01.2015


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