ENDOCRANIAL - Impact Of Change CD

ENDOCRANIAL - Impact Of Change CD

ENDOCRANIAL - Impact Of Change CD

RNR 016 -- ENDOCRANIAL -- Impact of Change

You can stream/buy the whole release DIGITAL @ Bandcamp HERE

1. Baptist
2. Impact Of Change
3. Who fell down - That Food (with Dmitriy Orlov from FETAL DECAY)
4. Socialism
5. Scrap in your brain
6. Endocranial Madness
7. You are Sick
8. Mind Deprivation

Bonus track:
9. Abu Dhabi Donbass (Lev Kurganskiy Drums)*


Vlad Pisanenko - Bass
Andrey Malikov - Guitars
Gennadiy Korolev - Vocals
Oleksandr Bondar - Drums

Drums were recorded at Metal Works Studio in 2011 by Lev Kurganskiy (Endocranial, Ezophagothomia).
Guitars, bass and vocal recorded at "Square Universe Studio".
Mastering "Endocranial Madness Group".

Graphic Art by Hennadiy Korolev

Feel free to check out the album teaser: HERE

or the Track "Socialism": HERE

Endocranial now a part of the Family!
Rising Nemesis Records is proud to announce that ENDOCRANIAL has joined the rooster. ENDOCRANIAL is a brutal death metal act from Kiev, Ukraina. "Impact Of Change" will be released begin of October as a Split-Label-Release with Sevared Records (USA). This will be the first full length output of this social critic, atmospheric, blasting Ukrainian barbaric monster. The sound can be described as a mixture of early 2000 brutal death from bands like DEEDS OF FLESH, SEVERE TORTURE and a fresh touch from stuff like INSIDIOUS DECREPANCY, INVERACITY, MISERY INDEX and DYING FETUS.




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