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Belgian slamming death metal unit, Human Vivisection, will release their anticipated debut album "The Perpetual Gap" on May 20th via Rising Nemesis Records.
The album consists of 11 tracks, and was recorded, mixed, and mastered by the band itself.

"The Perpetual Gap" stands for the evergrowing gap between the rich and the poor, right and wrong, life and inescapable death.
This conscientious impression on society brings you 35 minutes of groovy brutal slamming death metal.
To stand out on typical slam bands, the bands use a mix of grunts, and guttural vocals.
Human Vivisection is still a new band, but they are gaining popularity fast.
They have shared the stage with bands like Disentomb, Kraanium, Visceral Disgorge, Within Destruction, Defeated Sanity, Party Cannon, Korpse, Cytotoxin, Visions Of Disfigurement, Stillbirth, and many, many more.
They will play Slam Fest in Bristol later this month, and do an German tour later this year.

The Perpetual Gap Track Listing:

1. The Enigma Of Subsistence
2. Age Of Disgust
3. The Perpetual Gap
4. The Transmutation Program
5. Feed The Warmachine
6. From Blaspheme To Viscera
7. Birth Of A Defective Race
8. Consumed By The 4th Dimension
9. Indulging In The Downfall
10. Creation Of The Spiritual Machines
11. The Inevitable Confine Of Existence

Human Vivisection was founded in September 2012 by Roy Feyen.
After struggling with the lineup, the project was placed on hold.

In January 2015, Human Vivisection found a second life when guitarist Sonny Hanoulle joined the project.
Together they started writing new music.
Impressed by the brutal music, vocalist Yenthe Meeus joined to record vocals.
In April 2015, Robbie Cuypers, who they've been jamming with for a while, decided to be a full-time member of the band.

At that point, the band had no drummer, and would remain a studio project for the time being.
But then drummer Olivier came along and joined the ranks, which enabled them to begin rehearsals to play live.

Human Vivisection is:

Roy Feyen - Guitar
Sonny Hanoulle - Guitar
Yenthe Meeus - Vocals
Robbie Cuypers - Bass
Olivier Smeets - Drums

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