ICHORID - Process Of A Rotting World CD

ICHORID - Process Of A Rotting World CD

ICHORID - Process Of A Rotting World CD

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ICHORID – Top Notch Death Metal from Germany signs with Rising Nemesis Records

28th January, 2014 – We are proud to announce yet another killer addition to the RISING NEMESIS RECORDS family, ICHORID from Sinsheim, Germany. Young, talented, brutal, melodic, coltish and simply amazing – a few adjectives that describe the state of this band.

Their new album “Pocess Of A Rotting World” will be available in spring 2014 @ RNR.

ICHORID is combining a mix of catchy riffs, amazing melodies, brutal blasts and a very special atmosphere. Unique sound and a very clean production, that´s what you can expect from this output. Higly recommended to fans of NILE, BEHEMOTH, GOD DETHRONED and NECROPHAGIST.


1. Protowar
2. Mindgrinding
3. Infesting Hordes
4. Cannibalistic Impulse
5. Era Of Eradication
6. Process Of A Rotting World
7. At The Threshold Of Death
8. Lacerated
9. Watch The World Disappear


Christian "Chris" // Vocals
Ingo "Inges"// Drums
Simon "Sims" // Guitar
Alexandre "Alex" // Guitar
Simon "GG" // Bass


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