MALEFICARUM - Unblessed vol. 2 CD

MALEFICARUM - Unblessed vol. 2 CD

MALEFICARUM - Unblessed vol. 2 CD


Title: Unblessed vol. 2

Label: Despise The Sun Records - DTSR 037

Format: CD (500 copies)

Country: Italy

Genre: Death Metal

Product description:

Maleficarum embodies the spirit of Excidium, the first band of Danny Cinicolo that Despise The Sun has brought back to life with the two "Infecting The Graves" compilation 7 years ago.

The first incarnation of this obscure and evil band was lead also by members of Angel Death and Iconoclast and in their 10 years of activity they published 2 demos and 2 full-lenght with the support of some underground labels.

Oppressive, obscure and malevolent death metal. Vol. 2 features their "Maleficarum" Demo 1997, and "Under the Cross" Full Length 2002, with amazing cover art by Ironworx!

Track listing:

Maleficarum | demo 1997

01. Maleficio - Realm of Blasphemy
02. Mean Symbolic Holiness
03. Anthropophagous
04. Unblessed
05. Into the Labyrinth
06. Circle of the Afflicted
07. Slough of Despair
08. Outro

Under the Cross | Full-length 2002

09. Maleficarum
10. Unblessed
11. Always Suffering
12. De Vermis Mysteriis
13. The Calling
14. Anthropophagous
15. Into the Labyrinth
16. Circle of the Afflicted
17. Under the Cross


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