PIGHEAD - Until All Flesh Decays CD

PIGHEAD - Until All Flesh Decays CD

PIGHEAD - Until All Flesh Decays CD

PIGHEAD is brutal death metal made in Germany – powerful, blood, technical. As one of Rising Nemesis Records´most acclaimed, the four-man squad impressively blasts, shreds, grinds and slams its way into listeners´ brins and torsos.. Denny (guitars, founder), Conor (drums), Clemens (bass) and Phil (vocals) are experienced, sick serenaders playing minor to major stages in Europe, Russia and the US. Once the mic is plugged in, the drums are set and the guitars hum, they are prepared to unleash an avalanche of immense energy onto the crowd. Since 2007, Pighead leave their fans brutally battered and in grave awe - and there shall be many more fierce years to come.

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The track-list, line-up, and recording information for Until All Flesh Decaysis as follows:

Pighead - Until All Flesh Decays Track-list:

1.Transcend the Unknown
2.Twitching Xenomorphic Shades
3.Eliminate Alien Elements
4.State Of Absolute Misery
7.Revengeful Strife
8.Until All Flesh Decays
9.A Swamp Of Dark Crimson Sludge
10.Siamese Spawn
11.Exterminating The Unworthy
12.The Piggrinder

Pighead - Until All Flesh Decays Line-up / Additional Credits:

Phil Heckel - Vocals (also The Prophecy 23 / Sapiency)
Denny Hahnke - Guitar (also Intravenous Contamination)
Conor Michael - Bass/Drums (live (also Intravenous Contamination / In Demise, Orphan Playground Sniper)

Recorded by Denny Hahnke and David Kögler
Mixed and mastered by TsunTsun Productions
Produced by Denny Hahnke
Music & Lyrics by Pighead
Artwork by Christian Parangan


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