VIRVUM - Illuminance CD [Digipack]

VIRVUM - Illuminance CD [Digipack]

VIRVUM - Illuminance CD [Digipack]

After releasing two well received singles so far from Illuminance, the debut album by Zurich, Swizterland Prog-Death unit Virvum, the band are now ready to release a third album single this upcoming Wednesday. Before doing so, early reviewers promos for Illuminance are finally going out and can be found below. While technical death metal continues to become an ever larger movement, groups like Virvum who help push the genre forwards are few and far between. The band is also now available for interviews, so please send us an email if you have an interest in speaking with the group.

Virvum - Illuminance Track-list:
1. The Cypher Supreme
2. Earthwork
3. Illuminance
4. Ad Rigorem
5. Tentacles Of The Sun
6. Elemental Shift
7. I: A New Journey Awaits
8. II: A Final Warming Shine: Ascension And Trespassing

Virvum - Illuminance Line-up / Additional Credits:

Bryan Berger - Vocals
Nic Gruhn (Former European live guitar tour fill-in for Fallujah) - Guitar
Toby Koelman - Guitar
Arran McSporran (De Profundis) - Session Bass Guitar
Diego Morenzoni - Drums

Cover Artwork: Stigma : Sam Nelson's Art
Additional Musicians: Sebastian Koelman, Yumi Ito, Rudolf Koelman

Mixed and mastered by C. Brandes at Iguana Studios.
Drums recorded at S. Egli and Hardbeat Studios.
Vocals recorded at R. Beier and Ashburn Productions.

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