ESOPHAGUS - Defeated By Their Inferiority CD

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ESOPHAGUS - Defeated By Their Inferiority CD

ESOPHAGUS - Defeated By Their Inferiority CD

South America is shaking as Esophagus emerges from deep hibernation to bury everything on its path. Riffs heavier than continents, bursts of blasting sounds, and vocals that are not of human origin. This is 'Defeated By Their Inferiority'. This is not music, and we as humans are unable to comprehend this creation of alien race.

Hugo Ojeda | Vocals (Predators)
Fabian Munoz | Vocals
Julio Valenzuela | Drums
Chris Loney | Bass
Victor Araneda | Guitars

Music was written by Hugo Ojeda and Victor Araneda.
Recorded and produced by Victor Araneda (Nazarenus
Studio), Concepcion (Chile).
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Darren Cesca (House Of
Grind Studio) (Deeds Of Flesh, In Asymmetry).


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