ACRANIUS - Reign of Terror DigiPack-CD

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ACRANIUS - Reign of Terror DigiPack-CD

ACRANIUS - Reign of Terror DigiPack-CD

You can stream/buy the whole release DIGITAL @ Bandcamp HERE

Based in Germany, and active since 2009, brutal slamming death metal unit Acranius having been tearing it up for many years now. On January 27th, 2017, the band will drop their 3rd full-length called Reign of Terror through Rising Nemesis Records.

The band are seasoned road warriors and in the last two years have done high profile tours with well known UK act Ingested in April of 2015, and just finished a 2016 winter tour with fellow well known labelmates Within Destruction. All their time touring has helped sharpen the band's deadly art into an even finer instrument of death. Culminating in their best music to date on Reign of Terror.

Line Up:

Vocals: Kevin Petersen
Guitar: Björn Frommberger
Bass: Lars Torlopp
Drums: Robert Arndt

no guest vocals or features!


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