ANALEPSY - Atrocities from Beyond Slipcase CD

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ANALEPSY - Atrocities from Beyond Slipcase CD

ANALEPSY - Atrocities from Beyond Slipcase CD

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1. Apocalyptic Premonition
2. Rifts to Abhorrence
3. The Vermin Devourer
4. Witnesses of Extinction
5. Ferocious Aftermath
6. Engorged Absorption
7. Eons in Vacuum
8. Depths of Agony
9. Atrocity Deeds
10. Omen of Return

A co-release between Vomit Your Shirt (Portugal) and Rising Nemesis Records (Germany).

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Miguel Tereso of Demigod Recordings.
All intros and FX by Analepsy and Miguel Tereso.
Drums recorded by Tiago Mesquita at Nox Messor Studios.

Artwork by Pedro Sena. Layout by Marco Martins.

Guest vocals on "Ferocious Aftermath" by Sérgio Afonso.
Guest vocals on "Atrocity Deeds" by Larry Wang.


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