BETRAYAL - Disorder Remains CD / DigiPack

12.00 - 16.00
BETRAYAL - Disorder Remains CD / DigiPack

BETRAYAL - Disorder Remains CD

1.Ignite 01:04
2.Rise 03:58
3.War 03:57
4.Ghost of Mind 04:06
5.The Manifest 03:38
6.Lost Promises 04:25
7.Disorder Remains 05:49
8.Chaos Reigns 01:50
9.Devouring Nothingness 04:06
10.Dooming Diversions 06:16
11.Insanity 03:56
12.Greed & Oblivion 05:38

released April 16, 2021

Produced by Matthias Schmitt. 
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Matthias Schmitt at the Unleash The Sound Studios.

Guitars & Bass reamped by Sky Van Hoff. 

Artwork, Illustration, Design and Visual Concept by Bastian Kraus of Betrayal.

Copyright 2021 Rising Nemesis Records.
All rights reserved.
Unauthorized duplication prohibited by law.


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