HORNED - Eminence LP (black Vinyl)

HORNED - Eminence LP (black Vinyl)

HORNED - Eminence LP (black Vinyl)

Limited to 50 copies.

Formed 5 years ago, this quartet proved to be one of the heaviest and hardest bands from Europe.

In March 2020, they're finally about to unleash their second full length called "EMINENCE" featuring 11 tracks driven by pure aggression, anger, violence and disgust.

Refined by an amazing Dan Seagrave artwork, this will become a new school
masterpiece : unique and outstanding in its genre art.


Side A:

01 Emperor
02 Tyranny
03 Apostle ov Perdition
04 Furnace
05 Hegemony

Side B:

01 The Last Humanist
02 Masterpiece
03 Sheitan
04 Calvary
05 Black Firmament
06 Horned


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