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“’The Encounter’ is a genrebending 30-minute-track merging the stylistic depths of odd metered metal and jazz/fusion.”

“Intercepting Pattern started as a side-project when Marte’s and Clemens’ band Cerebric Turmoil went on hiatus in 2016. Having played in various metal bands before, we were kind of drawn to modern jazz and fusion records at the time and wanted to challenge ourselves with a more complex and improvisational approach to music. Of course, being the metal kids that we are, we couldn´t totally hide from our roots, but overall we tried to emphasize extended harmonic concepts and recurring rhythmic motives common to a Jazz/Fusion context.
After months of sharing ideas between ourselves and also our friend and producer Tom, Marte composed a rough ‘skeleton’ of the track that featured the basic rhythmic patterns and chord changes as a building block for further soloing and improvisation.
Lille Gruber, one of our “metal-friends” that also has a soft spot for jazz related music, was asked to join on drums for the recording session. After we practiced the material together for a couple of months, the drums were tracked at Tonbrauerei in Berlin in two days, January 2018. For the fusion-parts especially, Lille went for long improvised takes over the chord changes of the different sections and then we picked a favorite. Those drum tracks then formed the basis for Marte and Clemens to overdub guitars, synthesizer and bass - prewritten for the metal parts, (semi-)improvised in the fusion sections.
We decided to add the specific vocal concept only after the music was basically finished so we had a clear picture to build lyrics upon. Dan´s vocal style seemed to fit the final concept very well and we asked him to session the job. Which he did at Tom´s homestudio (FountainheadHQ) in Berlin in summer 2019? The project was finalized, mixed and mastered at FountainheadHQ in Feb 2020.
It only occurred to us to cut the track into pieces for the purpose of a digital release. We recommend to listen to the whole album as a single song, as this is how it was intended.”

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