INTO DARKNESS - Sinister Demise CD / DigiPack CD

10.00 - 12.00
INTO DARKNESS - Sinister Demise CD / DigiPack CD

INTO DARKNESS - Sinister Demise CD / DigiPack CD

You can stream/buy the whole release DIGITAL @ Bandcamp HERE

Formed in 1995, Into Darkness from Germany have been around since over 20 years, peddling in the art of pure death metal with the intent and spirit intact. Various trends have come and gone, but these guys stick to their craft, of well-thought, arranged and executed death metal that oozes metal from all the pores. With a stunning hand-painted artwork to go with their traditional and proud music, Into Darkness have also secured for them an organic and earthly production without any modern effects to portray their art to the bone. Boosted by the support from Rising Nemesis Records, Into Darkness are here to reclaim and restore the death metal glory for which their country was hailed all over.


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