KLYSMA - Mental CD

KLYSMA - Mental CD

KLYSMA - Mental CD

Mental is Klysma's successor to the 2018 debut 'Sick'. A mix of goregrind & brutality, pack full of slams, guest vocals, and Nintendo references.

Tim Sontopski | Vocals
Roy Feyen | Guitars
Germain Bodeus | Bass
Koen Spierings | Drums

Guest Features:
Jason Lambert (Putrified J, Human Barbecue) on ‘Abhorrent’
Jan Buekers (Sons Of A Wanted Man) on ‘Prelude To Extinction’
Jim Defays & Griska Lutgen (Brutal Sphincter) on ‘Abulia’
Jesse Buytaert (Volière) on ‘Delirium’
Kilian Savas (Untethered, Placenta Powerfist) on ‘Ignorance’
Marc Thomae (Bleeding Heaven) on ‘Sickness Of The Mind’
Sven Blättermann (Obsolete Incarnation) on ‘Cranial Cavity’
Vivien Rue (Embrace Your Punishment) on ‘Blind Obedience’
Stephan Romero (Hodenbruch) on ‘Mind Devourer’
Ad De Wachter (Moker) on ‘Malicious Intent’

All music was written and performed by Klysma.
Mixed and mastered by Wilson NG at Cats And Hammers Domination.
Album artwork by Armaada Art.
Additional art design by Realityfade.
Band logo by Fear & Sorrow.


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