THE DARK PRISON MASSACRE - Overtreated Cause Opposited CD

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THE DARK PRISON MASSACRE - Overtreated Cause Opposited CD

THE DARK PRISON MASSACRE - Overtreated Cause Opposited CD

The distant east is no longer mysterious, here comes the roar of dinosaur from a renaissance society, here comes the pig barking under the sun of socialism. In this EP, you will see the deeply thinking of resource consumption under over domination. You will hear the fusion of tradition and modernity, the hybrid of reggae and slamming. The 15-year-old band has gradually completed its transformation from mere brutality to calmness, but anyway, it is fierce, brutal, groovy, and sometimes danceable. Finally, please follow us to learn a Chinese sentence in English pronunciation, let’s speak out loud: “Gar-leon Gar-leon zone eagle!”
PS: If you want the Chinese meaning of this sentence, check out our facebook.

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